Zcoin (XZC) Masternode

In the network, the Zcoin masternodes are called Znodes. To earn a masternode, 1,000 coins are required. Incidentally, the means of payment are also abbreviated as XZC. Other requirements for the operators include a server with a fixed IP address, a minimum capacity of 1 gigabyte of RAM and enough storage capacity, which should be around 25 gigabytes.

The Zcoin masternodes receive a 30 percent share paid as a reward for supporting the network. This is the current value, but it can be adjusted. Unlike some other cryptocurrencies, the Znodes are not yet entitled to vote in decision-making. Zcoin argues that this poses the risk of centralization. Instead, the creators are currently working on another solution, which in their eyes offers more justice.


Often, a comparison with Bitcoin is used when discussing the cryptocurrency Zcoin. This may be mainly because originally was not about to create a new means of payment, but only an additional protocol. Behind this was the intention to completely anonymize the transactions. However, because this implementation did not translate into reality, Zcoin, also known as Zero Coin, was launched in 2016.

Today, the cryptocurrency has the status of being the most anonymized of all on the market. A special mechanism completely blurs the traces of a payment so that they are no longer traceable. For this reason, it can only be the logical consequence that Zcoin defines the anonymity and the protection of users as the most important goal.

The worlds most anonymous cryptocurrency - or simply Zcoin

Zcoin is considered the cryptocurrency with the highest level of anonymity. The operators are of the opinion that every person can act freely as it is in his sense, without, however, affecting the freedom of others. This right should be made equally possible by Zcoin through all countries and cultures.

The basis for this high standard is a special procedure that makes transactions completely unrecognizable. It relies on merely sending a code between the transaction partners instead of a coin. Because in this way the coin would still be seen as sent, the so-called Zero Knowledge Proof takes effect. He asks the beneficiary to find that he has burned the coin - even before he receives a new one.

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