PIVX (PIVX) Masternode

The purchase of a PIVX masternode is possible with 10,000 coins. At the same time, this grants a right to vote on important decisions. Every 60 seconds, five coins are created, called PIVs. The rules of this currency stipulate that a ten per cent share always moves into a pot that is intended for the growth of PIVX. The masternodes determine what projects the money is allocated to.

In addition, the remaining 90 percent will be split between the stakes and the operators of the masternodes. For this purpose, a special algorithm is used which continuously adjusts this ratio based on the number of stakers and masternodes. Thus, an unhealthy imbalance is excluded. Still, the masternodes receive a slightly larger amount due to their increased expense. The masternodes also have the stipulation that they receive a reward every one to two days.


On February 1, 2016, the PIVX currency was launched. At that time, it was still under the name Darknet started. Due to the positive response, it was renamed to PIVX, which renames valid to this date. This step was done mainly, because the acronym better describes the values that the cryptocurrency represents. PIVX is the acronym of „Private Instant Verified Transaction“.

This already reveals that PIVX is primarily committed to high privacy and the security of all users. All principles and features that distinguish cryptocurrencies from others are written down in the PIVX Manifesto.

Community and freedom as the core values of the PIVX cryptocurrency

For PIVX, privacy is a human right. It is clear from this statement that the cryptocurrency puts the anonymity of its users at the center. In order to meet this demand, the creators use a method that makes it almost impossible to track transactions afterwards. This is done via so-called coin mixers, which, in simple terms, mix the data tracks of different sources of money.

Another advantage of the PIVX currency is the high transaction speed. Because the algorithm also works extremely efficiently, it also supports low-memory devices. Masternodes have a say in the future of Blockchain. These characteristics are in line with PIVX values, as the cryptocurrency stands for community and freedom. All principles are transparent to anyone interested in the PIVX Manifesto. Last but not least, the coin is so attractive because the currency has a relatively high market share compared to most other currencies.



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