Horizen (ZEN) Masternodes

Due to its special structure, two types of masternodes belong to horizens. It differentiates into Securenodes and Supernodes. The Securenodes are - as their name already indicates - responsible for the security of the network. They provide the basic communication features through encrypted peer-to-peer communication. For the operation of such Securenode 42 ZEN are to be applied. Another requirement is that the node be active at least 92 percent of the time. For this benefit, users will be paid a reward equivalent to 10 percent of the block reward.

In the meantime Horizen demands a considerably increased effort from the operators of a supernode. Here 500 coins are required to obtain such a node. Their tasks are superior to those of the Securenodes and aim to make Horizen a platform for confidential applications, so-called Dapps. In principle, higher demands are placed on the operators, because higher computing powers are also necessary. At least 8 gigabytes of RAM and at least 100 gigabytes of storage capacity are among the conditions. At the same time, the server must be available 96 percent of the time. Supernodes also receive 10 percent of the block reward.


Originally known as ZenCash the cryptocurrency renamed itself in August of 2018 to Horizen. The rebranding took place, as the priorities have expanded significantly - also Horizen should stand out better from other currencies, as there are a number of currencies listed that also have „Z“ as an initial letter.

With the focus initially on high privacy protection, the platform now offers its users far more options. Horizen is now more than just a cryptocurrency. Services such as ZenChat as a secure messaging service or ZenPub as a publishing platform are also included.

New name, extended concept: Horizen replaces ZenChash

The ZenCash Blockchain was created in May 2017, before it was renamed including a rebranding in August 2018. However, nothing changed about the coin’s conditions or the basic values on which Zen was built. Initially, the cryptocurrency focused on the privacy of its users - transactions are therefore fully protected and securely encrypted.

Meanwhile, Horizen is growing and with it the areas serving the platform. The ZEN cryptocurrency is just one of the many benefits users enjoy. Even chats, the publishing of information and content should be completely anonymous. Horizen not only makes its future orientation clear, but also his clear focus on the privacy of people in all areas of life.

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