Dash (DASH) Masternode

To obtain a masternode on the Dash network, 1,000 coins are needed. Other requirements include a 24/7 online connection and a dedicated IP address. Block returns are paid out to the Masternodes with a 45 percent share. These payouts are made every seven days.

Dash is one of the cryptocurrencies where Masternodes are also associated with one vote. If decisions are made on budget issues or the future of the network in general, the operators have an influence. There is one vote per masternode.


Behind the name of the crypto currency Dash hides a short form of „digital cash“, which translates into nothing more than digital money. Originally it bore the name XCoin, which was subsequently converted to Darkcoin. Dash is one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies in the world today, and it brings with it an advantage that many users appreciate: the network has a strong focus on privacy.

Information about transactions is not publicly available - this sets Dash apart from many other crypto currencies. The coins initiator defines the payment transactions with values of integrity and anonymity. After all, Dash also aspired to offer an improved alternative to Bitcoin, while being inspired by it, as it was the original currency. Meanwhile, Dash exists since 2014 and represents one of the strongest performing coins.

Dash cryptocurrency stands for privacy and high transaction speeds

Dash is especially transparent to anyone interested because of the initiators public presence. It is Evan Duffield, a software developer based in the US state of Arizona. Previously working for Wells Fargo, he was able to incorporate a great deal of financial sector knowledge. Initially the Bitcoin aroused his interest, but he recognized weaknesses. In particular, the anonymity of payments could be improved according to his intention. When his suggestions were rejected by Bitcoin, he promptly founded Dash.

The creators describe Dash as the most user-friendly and scalable currency in the world. Further arguments are an optimized data protection and the preservation of the anonymity of the users. In addition, payments are confirmed immediately - the transaction speed is almost in real time. The organization is decentralized, so the decision-making power lies with the Masternodes. All this makes Dash one of the five most important cryptocurrencies.

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