Blocknet (BLOCK) Masternode

Purchasing a masternode on the Blocknet network requires a cost of 5,000 coins, also referred to simply as BLOCK. The total annual return paid by the provider in a ratio of 70 to 30. The 70 percent go to the operators of the Masternodes and the remaining share to the conventional users.


When talking about Blocknet, the term „Internet of Blockchains“ is usually not far away. This is because this cryptocurrency has a very special purpose that sets it apart from others of its kind. It wants to create a network of blockchains and connect the numerous crypto currencies that exist worldwide. It is working to provide an ecosystem. Since 2014, the creators have continued to develop Blocknet.

Blocknet Cryptocurrency: The goal „Internet of Blockchains“

Since 2014, the cryptocurrency blocknet is now established, which was once founded as an offshoot of PIVX. Duo Dan Metcalf and Arlyn Culwick launched this network. Metcalf gained previous experience working as a Bitcoin developer for five years. Meanwhile, Culwick left his mark on the cryptocurrency XCurrency.

The concept behind Blocknet is called revolutionary within the industry. After all, the intention is to create a basic infrastructure through which a link between the various cryptocurrencies is to succeed. Without such a basis, there would be no chance to realize an exchange between the blockchains, since each system otherwise works only for itself.

Blocknet provides an open source platform through which communication can succeed. In the future, many cryptocurrencies can be combined to form a huge network. Blocknet thus provides a decentralized structure in which each block chain exists for itself while the exchange succeeds via a peer-to-peer connection.

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