Masternode Affiliate Program

With the affiliate program, you can easily build a passive affiliate income. For each new customer that you mediated, you will receive 1.5% of the total amount invested by the user and monthly share of 1.5% on the invited users reward earnings, that he generates through his investments in masternode shares on Masternodes24. If your recruited affiliate also wows and promotes new customers for our product, you will also benefit from it and you will receive 0.5% of the share and 0.5% of the monthly rewards on the second level.

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1. Get link

Register now and get your affiliate program link.

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2. Invite friends

Invite your friends and receive a one-time commission and a lifetime allowance on each friends rewards on investment.

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3. Get commission

You get 1.5% on the first level, and 0.5% on the second level on masternode investments (pooling) and 1.5% (1st level) and 0.5% (2nd level) monthly of the Rewards of your partners.